More Plastic will be found in the oceans than Fish by 2050

Nip The Crisis In The Bud

By 2050, it will be no surprise to find More Plastic in the oceans than Fish if we do not STOP our daily consumption on them.

Accord to National Geographic, a Billion Plastic toothbrushes were thrown into landfill in the States alone, or estimated 3.6 billion (approx. 10,000 tons of landfill ) of Plastic toothbrushes are used Worldwide per year, given the average person consumption on Plastic Toothbrushes is 300 units in their lifetime.

Study did also reveal Micro Plastics were found in 90% of table salts, and plastic toothbrushes is the major culprit.

So, start replacing Plastic Toothbrushes (and their compliment plastic products) with fully Biodegradable material will “Sure to Make a Different”.

 That why it will never get tired to recommend all the Bamboo Series from Toothbrushes, Handmade Bamboo Cup; Toothbrushes Holder to Tiny and fully Biodegradable Dental Floss reel flossier…

 Not only cause Bamboo is the world’s fastest Renewal and Eco-friendly material but its Anti-Microbial, Fungal and Bacterial …etc amazing Features, besides,  it’s actually cost  little more than a Dollar or Two only .

Anyway, just click the @Image/Picture below for more detail on each “Bamboo Dental” series, and its compliment items…



Bamboo toothbrushes,
Soft Bristles (10 pcs/ pack)

Soft bristles clean plaque here softly and provide a gentle massage to your gums. If you prefer a slightly harder brush, choose the Medium Hard one instead.

Or click the Images above for more…


Bamboo toothbrushes,
Medium Hard Bristles (10pcs/pack )
US$14.99/ pack

or Click  Image  above for more ….

Baby Bamboo toothbrushes,
Soft bristles (10 pcs/ pack)

To educate kids the importance to continue our Green Missions should be started early, and so the colorful Bamboo Toothbrushes with soft bristles, not only clean plaque and massage gums for kids, and the small flat handle (only 14 cm long) is designed to fit kids’ delicate hands to make them feel Fun while persist moving a tiny step each day toward Zero Waste  (or Click  Image  above for more ….)

30 m Dental Floss reel flossier US$9.99 

30 m long Tooth Flossier is Plastic free, Eco-friendly, fully Bio-degradable and with Mint-scented and Candelilla wax coated to remove the tooth board between the teeth (or Click  Image  above for more ….)

Wooden Toothbrush & Bamboo Charcoal Whitening
US$ 8.99 / set


The Eco-friendly Bamboo Charcoal teeth whitening powder and its wooden
toothbrush has a ways better whitening power than many costly Whitening in
the markets.   

Apply the two as a set
so as to activate the Bamboo charcoal to peel off the tooth stains for best Whitening Results (or Click  Image  above for more ….)

Last but not least, there are many fully Bio-degradable and Eco-friendly Dental tools … e.g. Bamboo Toothbrush Holder, Bamboo Cup…. etc  to help eliminating any Pollutants that we are going to throw away irresponsibly each day!

Time To Stop Before We Are Being Stop  

Why not take a look to any these Zero Waste Grocery Stores in your neighborhood, and start to lead a more Eco-friendly life as earlier as possible, or come visit our “Eco-friendly Home  Section” at for more…


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