Fly With US 2021



As a Partner and to support  @ONETREEPLANTED’s pledge of 50 Million Trees Planted by 2030 (a  move to make the’s GLOBAL TRILLION TREE MOVEMENT into reality).     

We 4RCC have  set   to plant 20,000 trees by the end of 2021 , because  we rather to aim high  to push us to work exceed our limits so as to make such a  Significant Environmental Restoration Project happen.

Nevertheless,  20,000  trees by end of 2021 is indeed a big Challenge given 2020 has almost come to its end,  while most of the global Economies still remain  severely affected by COVID-19 ( or be on  verge to its big recession of our time).

So "Fly With Us 2021"

X’MAS  is HOPE, LOVE, PEACE as well as GIFT and TREE , and 4RCC take this time to thanks all our members’ and new customers’ supports 
which have made our last BLACK-FRIDAY….sales successful, and that have taken us a Big Step closer toward our Goal to plant 20,000 Trees by End 2021!

And  “The Sales Open To Outsider”  will keep going till End DEC 2020 as planned.  So not only more Trees  can be planted but it  give  4RCC  tremendous momentum  to keep  work harder and harder to look for more and more Chic,  Natural , Simplistic and Time-less designs  kinds  of   merchandise for our customers,  because getting customers’ resonation or their Click  to our products is the only reason why 4RCC is here. 

4RCC  also like to dedicate our Wishes & Hopes full-filled video for coming X’mas & New Year 2021 here to show our humble gratitude, and inviting you to “Fly with us 2021” for a much Prosperous and Free-from-Covid19 year to come……   Never give up and don’t stop dreaming till it come true.  

                                                                       From All at 4RCC on End Nov 2020


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