Men’s S/S business Shirt


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Cotton Polyester blend ironing-free twill, turn-down collar, button-down and single-breasted 

Asian 2XL Label 42Asian 3XL Label 43Asian 4XL Label 44Asian 5XL Label 45Asian 6XL Label 46Asian 7XL Label 47Asian 8XL Label 48Asian L Label 40Asian M Label 39Asian S Label 38Asian XL Label 41
TamanhoLargura Do peito Comprimento do corpo Cruz Ombro Largura da cintura Colarinho Abertura
Asian Size 38 / S9672449038
Asian Size 39 / M10073459439
Asian Size 40 / L10474469840
Asian Size 41 / XL108754710241
Asian Size 42 / 2XL112764810642
Asian Size 43 / 3XL116774911043
Asian Size 44 / 4XL120785011444
Asian Size 45 / 5XL124795211845
Asian Size 46 / 6XL128805312246
Asian Size 47 / 7XL132815412647
Asian Size 48 / 8XL136825513048
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